• I love helping to solve relationships issues, energy blockages and emotional traumas.

    I' been doing that for more than 20 years.

    Luciano Pinheiro

    (Your new partner)

  • Experience

    Client's reviews

    "I know we can always count on you to help our family."

    V. (Psychologist)

    "Dr. Luciano has been helping me a lot so I can finish university. Now I know what I want to do and I'm able to reach it."

    A. (Student)

    "Thank God for directing me to Luciano. It made total difference to my psychosomatic health."

    E. (Geographer)

    "During therapies with Luciano Pinheiro I could rediscover the essence of a Mother's Love and to have a fulfilling, healthy and harmonious pregnancy!"

    C. (Teacher)

  • How does it work?

    In the first session we evaluate together what is the best pathway to what you currently need. We'll walk together, towards the aimed goal.


    To schedule the first session, you just pay online at least 24h beforehand, using your credit card via Paypal or Stripe. Then after we receive the confirmation of payment, you can choose one of the available time slots.


    Discover more about our many healing techniques by scrolling down this page, or touch the button below to start.

  • Gestalt-Therapy

    With the Gestalt Approach it is possible to integrate many aspects for yourself, recognizing patterns and knowing who you are.


    Gestalt-Therapy follows the phenomenological principles of not labeling the client. The session happens with dialogue, presence and creative visualization, and we aim to awake the creativity potential, to generate new creative adjustments (new behaviors to deal with the world).


    This translates into breaking through patterns of repeated cycles of misfortune. Gestalt-Therapy can help you finish an unfinished situation and to recover your personal power to become present in the Here-Now.

  • Regression Therapy (IST)

    Inner Space Therapy is an intensive method of regression and past life therapy with a metaphysical focus.


    An important principle on this Clairvision work is that before you can become supernormal, you need to become normal. This way, this method involves undoing negative emotions stored in our energetic bodies that causes blockages, and also to get rid of social conditioning, in order to recover your energy and your personal power.


    Please remember that it is not needed to believe in past lives to obtain significant results with this technique. For more information and free books on this Past-Life Therapy please go to: http://www.clairvision.org/

  • CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release

    CranioSacral Therapy is a technique based on a soft touch along the body to improve the functioning of the CranioSacral system of the human body, in order to promote relaxation and whole well-being.

    The SomatoEmocional Release is a deepening of the CranioSacral Therapy and it allows to acess and release emotional content, conflicts and traumas that may be affecting your health as a whole.

    With this technique it is possible to treat many clinical conditions, such as:

    • Cronic Headache (Migraines)
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Insomnia
    • Difficulty in Focusing and Memory
    • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
    • TMJ (Temporo-mandibular joint) Problems and many other issues.

  • Reiki (霊気)

    Reiki is a japanese technique, based on applying the energy of the universe in harmony with one's own energy through the hands, in order to generate a deep relaxation, trauma resolution and whole well-being.

    Through gentle touch in strategic areas of the body, Reiki unblocks the energy channels, making the vital energy flow smoothly and regulating the immune system.


    This way, Reiki acts on the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It can also be used in the environment around you and in animals.

  • Acupuncture (针刺)

    Acupuncture is a chinese technique, based in harmonizing the energy lines in the human body (also called energetic meridians) and restoring the balance of the inner organs in order to promote health and stamina.

    With this technique, it is possible to treat the energetic and organic causes of afflictions such as Depression, Headaches, Infertility, Stress, Spinal Problems, Burn-Out, etc.

    The acupuncture points can be stimulated in many ways: with laser, needles, goldpoints, cristals, seeds and even energy massage. The selected points can be in the painful areas, in reflex areas like the ears and hands, or anywhere in the body.


    The way we use acupuncture here is with total focus on the client during the session, which includes a deep relaxation with a guided meditation visualizing the energetic and emotional aspects of every point used.

  • Qì Gōng (氣功)

    Qi Gong is a chinese practice to increase and enhance the flow of energy in you. It is practiced everyday by millions in parks and plazas all over the world. Qi Gong (also known as Chi Kung) is the basis for Tai Chi Chuan and a lot of martial arts.


    Qi means energy, breath.

    Gong means cultivation, mastery.


    In practice, it is a series of gentle exercises where you can use your breath to guide your energy to move and expand your energetic field, allowing you to feel more vitality, love and wisdom. In our sessions, we can do movements that are specific to help you with your issues.

  • Curriculum in Summary

    Who am I?

    A therapist who travels the world in order to deeply learn new techniques and therapies to help mankind more and more.

    One of these techniques can also be helpful to you.


    Who knows? Maybe I'm just a typical aquarius who loves courses, spirituality, food, photography, arts, music and technology.


    Besides being a Psychologist in São Luís do Maranhão and having attended the courses and activities listed below, should also be mentioned the many spiritual and therapeutic trips in Brasil and in other countries, including Australia, Canada, Spain, USA, Netherlands, England, New Zealand and Portugal.


    Curriculum in Psychology

    • Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Psychologist) [UNICEUMA, Brazil, 2003]
    • Licensed Psychologist registered at the Conselho Regional de Psicologia (CRP 22/00307). Sees clients in own Psychology Office in São Luís do Maranhão since 2004.
    • Gestalt-Therapy Training [GEAG, Brazil]
    • Groups Dynamics Training [NDHO, Brazil]
    • Psychosomatics in Gestalt-Therapy Training [GEAG, Brazil]
    • Dreams in Gestalt-Therapy [GEAG, Brazil]
    • Writing Analysis Training [SOBRAG, Brazil]
    • Joined IBAMA, via national exam (public federal servant) since 2006.

    Curriculum in CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmocional Release

    • The Brain Speaks 2 Course (TBS2) [Upledger Brasil, Brazil, 2014]
    • The Brain Speaks Course (TBS1) [Upledger Brasil, Brazil, 2014]
    • SomatoEmocional Release 2 Course (SER2) [Upledger Brasil, Brazil, 2013]
    • SomatoEmocional Release 1 Course (SER1) [Upledger Brasil, Brazil, 2012]
    • Revision course in CS1 and CS2 [Upledger Brasil and Granja Espinhaço, Brazil, 2011]
    • CranioSacral Therapy 2 Course (CS2) [Upledger Brasil and Instituto Márcio Moraes, Brazil, 2011]
    • Revision course in CS1 (CS1) [Upledger Brasil, Brasil, 2011]
    • CranioSacral Therapy 1 Course (CS1) [Upledger Brasil and Instituto Márcio Moraes, Brazil, 2011]
    • CranioSacral Therapy Course (Introduction to CST) [Upledger Brasil e CEDECON. Brazil]


    Curriculum in Regression and Past Life Therapies

    • Awakening the Third Eye Course [Clairvision, Australia, 2011]
    • Regression Therapy IST Course [Clairvision, Australia, 2011]
    • Regression Therapy IST Course – Focus: Mysteries of the Heart [Clairvision, Australia, 2011]
    • Regression Therapy IST Course – Focus: Unreasonable Openings [Clairvision, Australia, 2011]
    • Regression Therapy IST Course – Focus: Birth, Death and Intra-Uterine Spaces [Clairvision, USA, 2012]
    • Regression Therapy IST Course – Focus: Embracing the Embryo [Clairvision, USA, 2012]
    • Clairvision Intensive for Wave of 2012 [Clairvision, USA, 2012]
    • IST Therapists Training [Clairvision, USA, 2012]
    • Clairvision Intensive for Wave of 2012 [Clairvision, USA, 2013]
    • Clairvision Instructors Training [Clairvision Skype Choir, 2013]
    • Regression Therapy IST Course – Focus: Searching for the core character [Clairvision, USA, July 2014]
    • Clairvision Intensive for Wave of 2012 [Clairvision, USA, 2014]
    • The Berkeley Spire TUESDAY Night Characters cycle [Clairvision Spire, USA, Julho de 2014]
    • Clairvision Intensive for Wave of 2012 (Silent Sounds) [Clairvision, USA, 2015]
    • Clairvision Intensive for Wave of 2012 (Cauldron) [Clairvision, USA, 2016]
    • Clairvision Intensive for Wave of 2012 (Etheric Awakening) [Clairvision, USA, 2017]
    • Regression Therapy IST Course – Focus: Cutting Through the Bullsh** [Clairvision, USA, 2018]
    • Clairvision Intensive for Wave of 2012 (Verticality and the North Node) [Clairvision, USA, 2018]
    • Clairvision Intensive for Wave of 2012 (Packed Verticality) [Clairvision, EUA, 2019]
    • Clairvision Intensive for Wave of 2012 (Atom Body) [Clairvision, Online, 2020]

    Therapeutic Curriculum

    • Acupuncture College [Alchimia/UFMA, Brazil]
    • Specialization in Acupuncture [Alchimia/FAMA, Brazil]
    • Psychiatric Acupuncture Training [Alchimia, Brazil]
    • Aesthetic Acupuncture Training [Alchimia, Brazil]
    • Human Universal Energy / Spiritual Human Yoga / Mankind Enlightenment Love / HUESA, Level XV [HUESA, Australia/Brazil/USA/Holanda, 2000-2017]
    • Phytotherapy Training [Alchimia, Brazil]
    • Clinical Eye Diagnosis/Iridology Training [Alchimia, Brazil]
    • Behavioral Eye Diagnosis/Iridology Training [Alchimia, Brazil]
    • Massage Therapy Training (Tui Na and Shiatsu) [Alchimia, Brazil]
    • Dowsing (Pendulum use) and Radionics Training [Alchimia, Brazil]
    • Natural Therapies Training [Alchimia, Brazil]
    • Su Jok Acupuncture Course [Alchimia, Brazil]
    • Trophotherapy / Rational Nourishment Training [Alchimia, Brazil]
    • Chinese Traditional Nourishment Course (5 elements and blood type) – Juan Vairo [Alchimia, Brazil]
    • Bach Remedies Training Levels 1, 2 e 3 (Carmen Monari) [CTO, Brazil]
    • I Ching and the Extraordinary Channels Course [Alchimia, Brazil]
    • Reconnective Healing Training, Levels I, II e  III [Philadelphia, USA, 2008]
    • Reiki Level I and II [Carmélia Costa, Brazil, 1999]
    • Reiki & Seichim Master Level [Peter Stacey, Australia]
    • Ren Shen Tao Course [Alchimia, Brasil]
    • Matricial Shamanism Course [Alchimia, Brasil]
    • Hands of Light Workshop - Barbara Brennan School of Healing [Connecticut, USA, 2017]
    • Professional Studies Program - Barbara Brennan School of Healing [Florida, EUA, 2017-2021]
    • Golden Dragon Medical Qigong Intensive: Alchemizing Stress & Restoring Balance [Qigong Awareness, Online, 2018]

    • New Seitai: Japanese Quiropraxis / Hammer Therapy [Joseila Milani, Porto Alegre, Brasil, 2018]

    Curriculum in Environmental Therapies

    • Zahorí Art course / Recorridos Megalíticos / Geometría Sagrada / Ejercícios de Ensueño / Camino de Santiago [Juan Saez, España, 2009]
    • Biobuilding / Bioconstruindo [Ecocentro IPEC, Brazil, 2009]
    • Permaculture, Design and Consulting (PDC) [Ecocentro IPEC, Brazil, 2010]
    • Bioarchitecture and Permacultura [TIBÁ, Brazil]
    • Feng Shui Levels Basic, Intermmediate and Advanced [FSRC, Brazil / Joseph Yu, Canada]
    • Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui Course [Karen Kingston, Isle of Man, United Kingdom, 2013]

    Curriculum in Design and Innovation

    • Specialization in Visual Arts, Culture and Creation [SENAC, Brasil]
    • Works with coding, visual design and 3d modelling since he was 14 years old.
    • Site LucianoPinheiro.com was first published in 2010.
    • Site Ambicioso was first published in 2013
    • Site CodeREV was first published in 2014
    • App AcuMapa was first published at the Play Store and Apple Store in 2014
    • App Paint Videos was first published at the Play Store in 2015
    • Active player in Startup Maranhão Enterpreneurial Ecosystem 2015-2017
    • Innovation Mentor at the "Corrida de Startups" from SEBRAE-MA [2015]
    • App Idea8 was first published at the Apple Store in 2016
    • App Idea8 was selected among the 100 best Early Stage Startups at the Campus Party Brasil [2016].
    • Participant at the Startup Weekend Imperatriz [2016]
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